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Blues Guitar Lessons for Beginners

Hi there guys, welcome to the Blues Guitar Beginners website! My name is Dan and I am a blues guitarist and professional guitar tutor based in the South of England. The blues guitar lessons I have put together is designed to get you playing correctly from the start – no more picking up of bad habits, no more unstructured, undefined learning… just quality lessons from the absolute start!

The blues guitar beginners course is aimed at beginners who love nothing more than listening and playing blues guitar! I know from my own experience that finding a good, professional guitar tutor can be hard enough, let alone finding a tutor that specialises in blues! Well, that’s me!

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Click the link to free lessons at the top of the page or below and get access to top quality blues guitar lessons for beginners, entirely free! I will even give you access to full downloadable worksheets and audio tracks which is of the same high quality as the full course. Click the link, then type in your e-mail address on the next page, and you will have immediate access to the first video lesson where I will show you an awesome ‘Muddy Waters style’ blues riff that you will be able to pick up in no time, as well as some extremely important playing tips that you really need to know!