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It can be extremely hard to know where to start as a beginner to the guitar, and with the millions of YouTube videos out there it is easier than ever to just get completely lost! The most important thing for any beginner is having a structure to your learning. A learning system designed to get you playing correctly you from Day 1, and progress you further than you may have imagined possible. Well, I have designed that exact learning system, and this course is specifically aimed at those of you who love the blues! This course will literally have you starting from scratch with the basic elements you need to learn and understand, and then module by module, progress your playing. By the end of this course you will be jamming along to some Muddy Waters, some John Lee Hooker, Freddie King, Buddy Guy, Stevie Ray Vaughn, Bo Diddley and many more! Can’t quite imagine that yet? Well, put your trust in the steps of this course and you will get there.

89 HD Quality Videos

89 HD Quality Lessons

Each lesson between 5 and 9 minutes long to ensure you learn in bite-size chunks

Structured into 9 Modules, with each Module increasing in difficulty

Original blues based songs to learn – Each song specifically designed and recorded for each Module

Full write up and detailed sheet provided with every single video lesson

Access to all content via easy to navigate membership area or via direct download to your PC or Mac

…and so so so much more! Including the simple fact that this system will guarantee you learn correctly from the start. No more bad habits or random learning, just progress! It is by far the most comprehensive online course available for beginners.

Are You serious about learning?

This course is for people who want to dedicate some time to seriously learning guitar. I know all too well that the first move must come from you, the student! Do you want to learn?! If the answer is yes, then let me help you learn properly! Click below to find access your free videos and see how you get on!

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